James Company Contemporary Art Projects is on a mission to support and foster global creative health - one collection, one exhibition and one artist at a time. It starts with one question. How can art in your workspace effectively communicate your company mission or brand while meaningfully supporting art and culture?

Before we get into the details, let us clarify what we are. As an art advisory and curatorial company focused on the mission and passion of your organization, James Company is free to seek out and commission the most innovative artists around the world and secure artists whose work will resonate clearly with your organization’s culture and target market. James Company Contemporary Art Projects is not an online art catalogue nor does it hold inventory that it is contracted to sell.

We are seasoned art professionals. We work with multi-national banks, international luxury and mid-market and privately owned boutique hotels, pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, universities, mixed-use office and retail developments, and residential property management companies, among other clients. We have experience and resources in all corners of the international fine art industry and have combined decades of experience in art advisory, acquisition, collection assembly, installation, technical services, educational program building, cultural partnership facilitation, budget management and project planning. James Company takes on complicated projects, works with all budgets, and understands how to navigate unpredictable schedules, construction issues and changing timelines.  

Our philosophy is simple. Art is made by humans and embodies human energy, and that's what makes it such a powerful and unparalleled communication tool. Your collection should be assembled with the same level of attention and intention as an artist uses to make a work of art. So while we are your guides in what is likely a new venture for your company, you can expect the process of building a collection or mounting an exhibition to be collaborative, professional and fun.



Alyson Shotz, ArandaLasch, Mark Innerst, Jennifer Steinkamp, Fred Wilson, Betty Woodman, Diana Thater, Tony Matelli, Nina Katchadoorian, Donald Moffett, Liz Deschenes, Spencer Finch, Ryan McGinness, Robert Berlind, Jane Hammond, Wolfgang Laib, Tokihiro Sato, Paula Hayes, Luke Stephenson, Willy Cole, Roland Fischer, Sami Nabeel, Sze Tsung Leong, David Maisel, Julie Mehretu, Paul Morrison, Barbara Takanaga, Emilio Perez, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Andrew Bush, Michael Bell-Smith, James Casabere, Daniel Canogar, U-Ram Coe, Benjamin Edwards, Izima Kaoru, Kim Keever, Seahyun Lee, Whitfield Lovell, Tom Leaver, Beat Streuli, Simon Lee, Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation, Catherine Yass, Richard Misrach, Jeffrey Milstein, David Scher, Nancy Rubins, Atta Kim, Alison Wright, Dirk Karsten, Deborah Brown, Patrick Jacobs, Cathy Cone, Kevin Larmon, Reed Anderson, Renato D’Agostin, Klea McKenna, David Mann, Abelardo Morrell, Magnum Photos photographers and many, many more...


Homepage video of American artist Patrick Jacobs in his studio explaining his working process for his remarkable inset wall sculptures. Video by SandenWolff, courtesy The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel. All images of artwork on our website are copyright the artist unless otherwise noted. Contact us for details on any artwork, artist, image or video.