At James Company Contemporary Art Projects we begin all of our partnerships with one question: How can art meaningfully tell your story while also supporting the art and culture of our time? As an art advisory and curatorial firm focused solely on the mission and passion of your business, we source and commission custom artwork by innovative artists working around the world who are most closely aligned with your organization’s culture and values. 

To do this, we bring our depth of experience and trusted resources in all corners of the international fine art industry to every project. We have decades of skill and knowledge in art advisory, acquisition and asset building, collection assembly, installation design, technical services, educational program building, cultural partnership facilitation, budget management and project planning and management.

James Company collaborates with visions and budgets of any size and scope. We understand how to navigate unpredictable schedules and changing timelines, and we serve clients of all shapes and sizes including multi-national banks, international luxury, mid-market and privately owned boutique hotels, pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, universities and non-profit organizations, mixed-use office and retail developments, residential property management companies, and many other types of businesses.

Our philosophy is simple. Art is an extraordinarily powerful communication tool and your collection should be assembled with the same level of attention and intention as an artist uses to make a work of art. We believe nothing signals who you are and what you stand for more than the art you surround yourself with, and nothing says more about a business than the artists and creative communities they support.

To see select samples of our work, please download our portfolio here.


Video of studio visit with artist Patrick Jacobs by SandenWolff, courtesy The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel.

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